Join me at a local workshop for the chance to connect with other inspirational people just like you, or host your own in-home girls night to receive 1-on-1 instruction and encouragement.

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Start your own collection of beautiful lettering and art. From custom calligraphy to watercolour paintings, there is a perfect piece for everyone.

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  They say that creating is good for the soul, but I think that in fact it is necessary. I believe that creativity is intricately knit into each of us, but somewhere along the way the routine and requirements of adult life push that quality so far back that we think it is lost forever.  This is the reason I create art and why I teach it as much as I can; to inspire radical creativity in everyone I meet and to give you permission to rediscover the part of yourself that the world has caused you to forgot you always had.

XO, Emma 


Featured Workshop

Introduction to Hand Lettering - reFIND Salvage, Elora

Tuesday, July 31 | 6:00 - 8:00 PM

My most popular workshop, in a beautiful new venue.  Enjoy 2 hours of personalized instruction on the art of hand lettering, focusing on the faux calligraphy technique.  Featuring lots of fresh and beautiful new touches exclusive to reFIND Salvage workshops.

Each student will receive an instructional guide book with alphabet exemplars and styling tips exclusive for workshop students. This is a really fun, no-pressure workshop for anyone interested in learning a new skill, honing their practice, picking up a fun hobby, artist looking to try a new technique/medium, the DIY bride or just something fun to do with friends.